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How To Get Janitorial Accounts For Your Business

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For Most People, The Biggest Challenge To Their Janitorial Success Is Simply Getting Customers.

This won’t be a problem for you once you understand the simple truth of what janitorial customers really want.

What Do Janitorial Customers Really Want?

To get the answer to this question I commissioned a survey to find out what janitorial customers really wanted. More than 150 facility managers were surveyed. We stopped the survey after 150 because almost everyone gave us the same answer.

This Shouldn’t Shock You.

They want better cleaning for less money.

Surprise, Surprise!

So the question for janitorial service providers is “How do you deliver better cleaning, charge less money and make more money in the process?

The answer is the “Clean-Fast Office Cleaning System”“Better Tools, Better Cleaning”.

How Do You Get Janitorial Accounts To Grow Your Business?

That question baffles many janitorial business owners. We all know that for a janitorial business to survive, it must be able to get new customers. Believe it or not, getting new customers for your janitorial business is very simple. I will give you a number of options, any of which will work very well. I know because I use all of them in my business.

We’ve all heard the expression, “There Ain’t No Free Lunch”

That phrase reminds us that nothing is really free. Successful companies know that there is a cost involved in getting new customers.

They have that cost figured into their pricing and the way they do business. McDonalds sells their basic burgers at cost or a slight loss and they make money on sodas, fries and deserts. They spend a lot of money on advertising to get new customers to pay a visit.

All successful companies spend money on getting new customers so you might as well accept that fact and understand that successful businesses of every kind spend money on getting new customers.

Janitorial Businesses Are No Different.

You have 3 choices when it comes to getting janitorial customers. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages.

Your Choices Are:

      • Subcontract from another company
      • Get Accounts Through Personal Selling
      • Hire Your Own Sales Team
#1 Subcontracting:

The easiest and least expensive way to get new customers is to subcontract from a larger janitorial service. When you subcontract from a larger janitorial company, they have invested their money in advertising, marketing and sales in order to get the new customer.

You receive less money for the services you provide, but you have also invested far less into the cost of getting the customer. When you subcontract, the janitorial company you subcontract from is your customer.

Another advantage is that a larger janitorial company can provide you with several facilities to clean instead of just one.

If you use a superior “service delivery system” like the Clean-Fast Office Cleaning System,  that works because your labor costs are so much lower. The cleaning procedures are provided in far less time and with improved quality and consistency.

#2 Personal Sales or #3 Hiring a Sales Team:

Cleaning is a process. Selling is also a process. There are cleaning tools that make cleaning easier and more effective. There are selling tools that make selling easier and more effective.

Typical Janitorial Sales Process
      • Develop a good USP.
      • Develop a good sales story.
      • Acquire a good prospect list.
      • Clean and qualify the prospect list.
      • Mail the prospect list.
      • Call the prospect list.
      • Email the prospect list.
      • Continue mailing, calling & emailing until you get an appointment.
      • Meet with the prospect.
      • Tell your story.
      • Perform a needs analysis.
      • Measure and estimate the time it will take to fulfill the cleaning specifications.
      • Prepare a professional looking cleaning proposal.
      • Deliver the cleaning proposal and ask for the business.
      • Follow up until the prospect buys or ask you to stop calling.

There are selling tools that make the above process somewhat automated by preparing call reports, letters and emails in batches, produced and delivered at the appropriate time.

In addition to the selling process and selling tools there are selling skills that can be learned and developed over time.

The important thing to understand is that selling involves a specific process. When this process is followed by people with the right skills and tools then getting new janitorial accounts is not a mystery. It is just a process with very predictable costs and results.

If someone is not interested in learning the process, developing the skills, investing in the tools or hiring sales staff then subcontracting is the best option.

By Subcontracting You Have:
      • Lower marketing costs
      • One janitorial company can provide you many accounts
      • If your service is excellent, they will give you as many accounts as you want.
      • If they don’t, then you can subcontract from an additional janitorial company too. (Many of my subcontractors were subcontracting from other janitorial companies before subcontracting from us.)
      • You don’t have to learn the sales game
      • You don’t have to invest in sales tools, training or personnel
      • You don’t have to manage professional sales personnel
      • You can focus on building great cleaning teams and a great business
In This Post You Learned That
      • The secret to providing great janitorial services is a quick and efficient cleaning system. 
      • The secret to making more money in less time is clean faster and more thoroughly than your competition through better technology.
      • The secret to getting all of the janitorial accounts you want is to offer better cleaning for less money.
      • The major components of a professional sales funnel.

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