What’s Your Janitorial Service’s USP?

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In this post I’m going to reveal my approach to janitorial business building that allows my team to get all the janitorial accounts we want while generating more money in less time.

Using this approach will give you a gigantic advantage allowing you to build a valuable janitorial business very quickly and easily.

Consider This Question For A Moment:

What’s the major difference between a business that’s just getting by and a business that’s really thriving?

Often It Is Their Core Offer – Their USP

What’s a USP?

USP is an acronym for Unique Selling Proposition. For many companies their “USP” has been the difference that turned imminent failure into fantastic success.

Example # 1:

Domino’s Pizza wasn’t originally very successful. One of the partners (a brother) actually quit because the business was so unsuccessful. It was a small pizza shop near a college that was barely getting by with the owner sleeping in the shop at night because he couldn’t afford an apartment.

Then, an almost magical thing happened. The owner discovered the magic of the right USP (Unique Selling Proposition).

“Fresh, Hot Pizza, Delivered In 30 Minutes Or Less … Guaranteed.”

That USP put Domino’s Pizza on the map. It distinguished them from everyone else and offered a compelling reason to choose Domino’s. And if the delivery was late, the pizza was free. That really appealed to college students.

Example #2:

Federal Express was on the verge of bankruptcy when it discovered its magical USP (Unique Selling Proposition).

“When It Absolutely, Positively Has To Get There Overnight.”

This company was competing with the US Post Office and losing money like crazy. They were out of cash and desperate. They began to advertise this USP and turned the company around and into a profitable, growing business.

More Examples:
      • M&M’s – “Melts In Your Mouth, Not In Your Hand”
      • Subway – “Eat Fresh”
      • Burger King – “Have It Your Way”

You can look at any fast food franchise and quickly identify how they differentiate themselves from all of the other fast food franchises.

Upon Careful Examination You Will Find That Businesses That Thrive:
      • Focus on a single unique benefit that differentiates them from the other options available to the consumer.
      • Their USP is one that resonates with their market
      • Communicate their differentiating benefit very concisely
      • They focus on strengthening their unique benefit
      • They don’t try to compete on everyone else’s USP.

Considering the above to be true, I focused on developing and testing USP’s for the janitorial business until I found one that resonates with my market.

“Better Tools, Better Cleaning”

Yes, I borrowed from Papa John’s Pizza “Better Ingredients, Better Pizza”. But I tested many before I settled on Better Tools, Better Cleaning.

I discovered that the only thing that really matters to clients is how economically and how thoroughly we clean.

I Reasoned:
      • The Only Way To Provide Economy Would Be To Clean Significantly Faster Than Conventional Competitors.
      • Faster Cleaning Must Also Be More Thorough.
      • Quality Must Be Enhanced, Not Sacrificed.
      • These Goals Can Only Be Achieved Through Better Science, Better Technology, Better Tools and More Efficient Cleaning Processes.

With that clear and focused understanding, I started a very serious Research and Development Process to develop the fastest and most thorough cleaning system possible. This project involved testing hundreds of tools, products and processes.

The Results Exceeded Even My Own Expectations:
      • 12% Faster Tool Belt System
      • 35% Faster Dusting
      • 50% Faster Surface And Glass Cleaning
      • 65% Faster Mopping
      • 100% Faster Vacuum/Spot Cleaning System
If Your Janitorial Service Could Clean 1/3 Faster Than Other Janitorial Services, What Would That Mean To You?
      • Would you make more money in less time?
      • Could you offer more competitive pricing?
      • Would that result in more business?
      • Could you pay your staff better since they’re more productive?
      • Would better pay attract better staff?
      • Would better staff be more consistent, more reliable and dependable, easier to manage causing less stress?
      • Would cleaning faster allow more time for detail cleaning?
      • Would more detail cleaning increase account satisfaction and retention?

The answer to all of these questions is “yes”, but that “yes” is contingent on the presumed fact that we can really clean 1/3 faster than our competition without compromising quality.

So let’s take a quick look at where we were able to save time and improve efficiency.

12% Faster Tool Belt System:

Most janitorial services carry their tools on their maid cart or trash barrel. You’ve probably used or seen the trash barrel caddies or the aprons that hang on trash barrels. This is an inefficient system that causes workers to take many extra steps every night retrieving tools and products.

Think of all of the professional trades that use tool belts. Carpenters do. Phone installers do. Electricians do. Cable guys do plus many, many more.

Why Do They All Use Tool Belts?

The answer is simple. Having their tools where they can easily reach them, without looking, speeds up their work process and makes their work easier to perform.

All of these professionals could just as well carry their tools in a tray or a bucket or on a cart, but that would be slow and clumsy. Tool belts help them get more work done in less time with less effort. It makes their work life easier. Our janitorial tool belts do the same thing.

Here’s What A Few Believers Have To Say:

William Emerson …

Using a tool belt is pretty cool. Electricians and cable guys use tool belts. I’m a professional too. When I need a tool, I have it right there on me. This saves a lot steps and time. I have more time to clean more accounts and make more money.

Mike Ciulla …

I don’t know why it took so long for someone to figure out it’s a huge advantage for a janitor to have a tool belt to carry his tools. Its human nature to forget and before I started using a tool belt, sometimes when I needed a certain tool and that tool would be on my cart, I would come back to it when I was done doing what I was doing. Unfortunately, sometimes I would forget. Now, I don’t forget because my tools are on my tool belt.

35% Faster Dusting

Everyone is familiar with the lamb’s wool duster. It’s been the tool of choice for many years but it has a lot of short comings. The Clean-Fast Duster blows it away.

When someone sees a side by side demonstration of the Clean-Fast Dusting System, they immediately see how much faster and more thorough the new system is. It’s no contest.

Anthony Crenshaw ….

The Clean-Fast duster has way more advantages over all the other ways to dust, especially the lambs wool duster. My clients love my dusting. It’s a lot faster and better.

They say the way we dust is one of the main reasons they went with us over our competition.

Floyd Patterson….

I have been cleaning for over 15 years and prior to becoming a Clean-Fast provider I had always dusted just like everyone else, using a lamb’s wool duster or a cloth.

It was basically just a losing battle before the Clean-Fast duster.  It is so effective, that I actually use it to clean my own home. After using a Clean-Fast Duster, it’s hard to think about using anything else.

50% Faster Surface Cleaning.

The way most people clean surfaces is by spray cleaning. They spray and they wipe.

The solution may be different or the cloth may be different but it is still spray cleaning with all of its challenges.

      • Filling and spilling
      • Bottles stop working
      • Bottles have to be primed.
      • Bottles break sometimes causing spills
      • Overspray
      • Etc.

The Clean-Fast surface cleaning system has eliminated spray cleaning and replaced it with a process that is easier, less expensive, faster and has none of the problems listed above.

Orlando Rodriguez….

Using the Clean-Fast Surface Cleaning System is so much faster and better than using a spray bottle and paper towels to wipe surfaces. It was so frustrating when my spray bottle would malfunction which happened often. I love the Clean-Fast Surface Cleaning System.

Eddie Moore …

The Clean-Fast surface cleaning system blows away every other surface cleaning system.

You have the pre-treated cloths, the dry polish cloths, and my favorite is the speed trowel. I love using it for big conference tables. Nothing else even comes close to it.

65% Faster Mopping

Most janitorial services are still using string mops, mop buckets and wringers. This method of mopping is slow, works poorly and causes a lot of cross contamination between areas.

The Clean-Fast mopping system doesn’t use string mops, mop buckets or wringers. It eliminates cross contamination and does a better job in less time.

Courtney Bell …

The traditional way of mopping with a mop bucket and wringer cannot compete with the Clean-Fast mopping system. There is no on site prep. This system saves me so much time and money. All my clients love their clean floors.

Preston Johnson …

I just got in this business a few months ago but I’ve used a mop bucket and wringer throughout my life and comparing that with the Clean-Fast mopping system is laughable and not really fair.

100% Faster Vacuum/Spot Cleaning

Back pack vacuums have been around for more than 20 years but a large part of the janitorial industry is still using uprights. Uprights are slow and do an inferior job. The wrong backpack vacuum with the wrong tools isn’t much better than an upright vacuum.

But, the right backpack vacuum with the right tools can be more than twice as fast as an upright or a backpack with poor tools or poor technique.

Carpet spot cleaning used to be such a pain that most services simply don’t do it. As a result, janitorial clients look at those carpet spills and spots every day and become more and more dissatisfied with their janitorial service.

The Clean-Fast Carpet Spot Cleaning System takes only seconds per spot and is performed at the same time the vacuuming is being performed so there are no extra trips to go back and deal with a carpet spot or spill.

Anthony Crenshaw …

Being an ex-franchise owner with another janitorial company had a lot of challenges. It was difficult keeping my clients consistently happy. And I gave it everything I had. I just did not have the right tools. I used traditional tools, like everyone else. I lost accounts and that business eventually failed. I have been a Clean-Fast Provider for 5 months now. My buildings are extremely clean, I’m succeeding and my clients love me. Its not me though its just the Clean-Fast tools and system.

Marcus Brandon …

I am a business owner but new to this industry, so I was really impressed and excited with the Clean-Fast System.

Not only was I going to be able to provide superior cleaning than my competition, but in doing so, I was actually going to be able to lower my labor cost.

What else could I ask for other than this. It’s a definite Win-Win!

The Clean-Fast Tools and System Produce a Consistent:
      • 12% Increase In Speed and Productivity Through The Tool Belt System
      • 35% Faster Dusting
      • 50% Faster Surface Cleaning
      • 65% Faster Mopping
      • 100% Faster Vacuum/Spot Cleaning
Here’s The Question

If your janitorial cleaning system was 35% faster and more thorough than your competitors, could you provide Great Janitorial Services as a profit?

Of course you could!

That’s good because “Great Janitorial Services” is one of the major ingredient in building a successful janitorial business. But the greatest janitorial cleaning system in the world doesn’t help if we don’t have janitorial accounts to clean.

In This Post You Learned:
      • The Power Of a Great USP (Unique Selling Proposition)
      • There is a specific set of tools and procedures that allows cleaning speeds to increase by more than 50% over conventional janitorial tools and procedures.
      • That the Clean-Fast System gives you many advantages over competing janitorial services.