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The Simple But Profound Truth About Janitorial Business Success

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“Will You Succeed In Building a Successful Janitorial Business?”
“Succeeding in Your Own  Janitorial Business Requires a Certain Perspective, Mindset and Attitude. Do You Have What It Takes?”

The purpose of this report is to give you the information you need in order to make a quick, accurate decision about whether or not you should attempt to build your own janitorial business or whether you should look elsewhere for your dream business.

If . . .

If you can build a solid, successful  janitorial business, make a lot of money, build security for yourself and your family and put all of that on autopilot then you ought to.

But . . .

If building  a janitorial business would cause you to lose time, lose money, lose sleep, lose peace of mind and then fail to achieve your business building goals – then it’s something that you should not do. So how do you know if you will succeed or fail in your own janitorial business?

First Understand Why Janitorial Services Exist:
Companies Use Janitorial Services Because They Don’t Want To Do The Cleaning Themselves
      • They don’t want to dust their own furniture.
      • They don’t want to clean up cup rings and small spills.
      • They don’t want to vacuum their own carpet.
      • They don’t want to sweep and mop their own floors.
      • And they especially don’t want to clean their own restrooms.
Those businesses would prefer to come to work in the morning after their janitorial service has been there, to clean offices with:
      • Empty trash cans with clean liners.
      • Dust free furniture, equipment, wall hangings, etc.
      • Clean work surfaces.
      • Freshly vacuumed carpets.
      • Clean, shiny floors.
      • Clean and disinfected restrooms.

In order to enjoy these luxuries and not burden their own staff with these chores, businesses are willing to pay janitorial services quite handsomely to take care of office and restroom cleaning.

It is a perk to employees to enjoy clean offices and restrooms without having to do those chores themselves. It also allows the employees of a business to work on those items that serve their employer best in driving revenue and serving their own customers.

Reasons Why Janitorial Services Fail:

We’ve addressed why a business uses a janitorial service and what a business expects from their janitorial service. Now let’s take an honest look at what gets a janitorial service fired.

Things That Get Janitorial Services Fired:
      • Helping themselves to candy, coffee and sodas that are intended for their employees and customers.
      • Unauthorized use of their office equipment like telephones, computers, printers, copy machines and fax machines.
      • Using the personal property of their personnel like playing their radios etc.
      • Security problems like leaving doors unlocked that are supposed to be secured.
      • Losing their keys and access cards.
      • Adjusting their thermostats.
      • Smoking in or outside of their facility.
      • Unprofessional grooming and dress. Looking scary.
      • Stealing.
      • Failing to provide the agreed upon service on the agreed upon schedule.

New janitorial businesses fail because they fail to deliver those things that janitorial customers wanted and expected when they hired the janitorial service.

Janitorial Customers Will Not Tolerate Excuses.
They Don’t Care If:
      • Your car broke down
      • Your kid got sick
      • You got sick
      • Somebody in your family died
      • You didn’t have gas money
      • You had a flat tire
      • You got your days mixed up
      • You don’t like driving in the rain
      • There might be a freeze tonight
      • Your tires aren’t in good condition
They simply want the janitorial services they contracted for to be delivered as agreed.
The Simple But Profound Truth About Janitorial Success!

In this post we have listed the reasons that businesses use janitorial services.

We have listed what businesses expect from their janitorial services.

If those expectations seem unreasonable to you then owning a janitorial business is a bad idea for you.

If that list of reasons why janitorial services get fired seems a little harsh to you then owning a janitorial business is a bad idea for you.

We also listed a myriad of excuses that have been used to explain janitorial non-performance.

If those excuses seem reasonable to you then owning a janitorial business is a bad idea for you.

On the other hand, if these janitorial client expectations seem reasonable to you and if you believe that you can meet these client expectations then there is a very good reason to believe that you will likely do well in your own janitorial business.

If the list of reasons why janitorial services get fired seem reasonable to you then you are on the same page as most janitorial clients and that is another reason you will likely do well in your own janitorial business.

If that list of janitorial non-performance excuses seems lame to you then that is even one more reason to believe that you will do well in your own janitorial business. Janitorial Success is not complicated.

Keep your customers happy and you will get more customers.

Disappoint your customers and you will lose your customers.

This simple but profound truth applies to all businesses not just a janitorial business.

A janitorial business of your own offers greater opportunity because there are so many people in this business that simply don’t get it.

It’s hard to fail in the janitorial business by delivering great janitorial services.

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