Ladder to Janitorial Success:

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Step 1:
Get Your First Janitorial Accounts:

Buy a small janitorial business. Don’t buy a Janitorial FranchiseIf you can’t afford to buy a small janitorial service, then subcontract from a large, successful Janitorial Company. When you subcontract think of it as outsourcing your marketing. (Unless you’re already experienced in sales – then you can go out and get your own janitorial accounts.) 

Step 2:
Master cleaning quickly:

Become a good student of cleaning processes and products. Learn everything you can. Learn how to solve the cleaning problems your customers experience. Become very good at cleaning quickly, efficiently and effectively. Become the “go to” expert in your field.

Step 3:

Turn your cleaning into a teachable, manageable system with little or no variation. Standardize all of your tools, products and processes. Variation is the enemy of consistency. The lack of cleaning consistency is the number one reason janitorial services get fired.

Step 4:
Adopt the Right Mindset for Success:

Focus on the end result you’re delivering to the Client and make a habit of over-delivering. Eliminate any hint of thinking that you can build a successful business doing only what you think you are expected to do.

Step 5:
Learn More to Earn More:

Learn how to provide carpet cleaning, hard floor services, window cleaning and upholstery cleaning. These additional services are more profitable than emptying trash, dusting and cleaning restrooms. 

Step 6:
Add Leverage:

Learn to work with a helper to double your capacity and your profit. (2 man team)

Step 7:
Add More Leverage:

Learn to work effectively using two helpers. (3 man team)

Step 8:
Add Human Resources Skills:

Learn all you can about staff selection, testing, hiring, training.

Step 9:
Add Management Skills:

Study, learn, practice and become a great manager. Build a great team that produces great results.

Step 10:
Add Marketing Skills:

Build an effective advertising and marketing program.

Step 11:
Add Sales Skills and Sales Management Skills:

Build and manage an effective sales team.

Step 12:
Set Higher Goals:

Learn more. Earn more. Create more profitable and enjoyable relationships. Build a business that is growing in value, is easy and enjoyable to run and provides you the lifestyle of a successful business owner.

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