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9 Great Reasons to Start a Janitorial Business

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“Looking for a Way To Increase Your Income?”

Hi. My name is Glen Springfield. My janitorial businesses have provided me with an above average income for over 40 years. By some standards I am considered to be very well off. Not bad considering I started out as a high-school dropout barely making ends meet. The Janitorial Industry has been very good to me. Here are my top 9 reasons you should consider building your own janitorial business.

#1: You Can Easily Create a Dependable Second Income

A second income can protect you and your family against many financial difficulties. A difficult economy, high taxes, inflation, lost jobs, unreasonable bosses, no job advancement opportunities and questionable retirement options.

#2: A Janitorial Business is Very Simple

The second reason to start a janitorial business is that a janitorial business is a very simple business. Get janitorial accounts, Get those janitorial accounts cleaned. Get paid. Simple. Most businesses are far more complicated. Imagine what is involved in operating a restaurant, a dry cleaning shop or a retail store.  Compared to most businesses, a janitorial business is simple and easy.

#3: A Janitorial Business Can Be Started Part Time

The third reason to start a janitorial business is that it can be started part time.  It doesn’t have to interfere with a daytime job.  The business can start small and expand until it gets big enough to replace a job. It can keep growing year by year and become huge.

#4: You Can Start From Home With No Rent or Fixed Expenses

The 4th reason to start a janitorial business is it has very low overhead. Compared to other kinds of businesses, a janitorial business has almost no overhead.  You don’t have to rent a big store front or buy a ton of inventory. You can keep expenses low and profits high.

#5: The Janitorial Business Is A “Low Risk” Business

The 5th reason to start a janitorial business is there is very little risk.  About the only way to fail in the janitorial business is to deliver bad service. If you deliver bad services then you deserve to fail. But if you deliver great services you will succeed!  In the janitorial business, success is totally up to the individual. It’s not a matter of chance or good luck.

#6: The Janitorial Business Is Easy to Learn

The 6th reason to start a janitorial business is there is a short learning curve. Don’t get me wrong. There is a lot to learn when it comes to running any business. But in the janitorial business, you can earn as you learn. The only thing you need to learn to get started is how to clean and most of us have been cleaning our whole lives.

#7: A Janitorial Business Has A Low Start Up Cost

The 7th reason to start a janitorial business is the extremely low investment and start up cost.  Many businesses require big bucks to get started. Think about a restaurant, a retail store or a print shop.  In the janitorial business all it takes to get started is a thousand dollars of commercial cleaning equipment and something to clean.

#8: A Janitorial Business Generates Fast Cash-Flow

The 8th reason to start a janitorial business is that it generates cash fast. Many businesses have to be in business a year or more to start making money.  In the janitorial business you can have money rolling within just a few months.

#9: A Janitorial Business Builds Equity For The Future

The 9th reason to start a janitorial businesses is that janitorial business are easy to sell.  That means that you can make good money while you’re building your janitorial business and then at some point in the future, sell your business for a big payday. What other business can you start on a shoestring that has this much potential?